Home Music Technology Classes

The EMU Tree – Home Music Technology Classes (90 minutes).

We come to you.
These classes are a great way for your children to develop musical and digital skills in the familiar and safe environment of your home and to provide the opportunity for them to share and collaborate with friends in the process.
All skill levels are catered for giving students the chance to work at their own pace to create, inspire and express themselves musically.
Students will explore digital composition, editing and mixing beats n loops, MIDI programming,
All work produced during the class can be transferred to USB on completion of the session.
A cleared workspace with a table to allow 4 workstations is required. All participants work with headphones to minimise distractions.
The EMU Tree has DCSI clearance and public liability Insurance.
The EMU Tree has been mentoring and working with youth for 18 years locally and internationally and has facilitated over 2000 workshops to all ages.
These 90 minute workshops are flexible in content to suit all ages with 2 options of software: Garageband or Logic Pro X.
The EMU Tree uses iMac computers and M-Audio MIDI keyboards.
All of the required equipment is supplied.
Rates vary according to the number of participants.
2 students $90 – $45 pp
3 students $120 – $40 pp
4 students $150 – $37.5 pp
5 students $175 – $35 pp
6 students $180 – $30 pp
7 students $196 – $28 pp
8 students $200 – $25 pp
Travel costs required if longer than 30 mins each way. The EMU Tree is based in the Adelaide metro area.

Up to 4 participants can work on individual workstations.
5 + participants requires some students to collaborate.
The EMU Tree also facilitates School Workshops, Individual Mentoring, Creative Music Workshops, Songwriting and Recording, Performance and Production training.
Other workshop content can be arranged to suit your requirements.
For further information contact:
Christian Teusner – Director

The EMU Tree
Education and Music in Unison
ABN 20145616531
mbl:    0408 364900

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