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 The EMU Tree facilitates many different workshops. Workshops are flexible in content to suit participants needs.

To explore possible opportunities contact Chris: 0408 364 900,


IMG_3468The EMU Tree Primary Workshops


Primary School Workshops

The EMU Tree offers various workshops for primary students and are a fun and interactive experience for students of all ages.Workshops are student focused and are specifically designed to develop and encourage self-confidence, self-awareness and social skills through collaboration and self-expression. These workshops promote creativity, musical and technical skills and engage all students, giving them a sense of ownership and participation. The EMU Tree can facilitate all age groups and provides all the necessary equipment for workshops.

‘The EMU Tree Workshop is a fantastic program that engages students using fun and energetic body percussion sequences and group activities to bring laughter, challenges, and life lessons to a group of students. My year 7’s were engaged, amused and challenged with the different movement sequences. They also were encouraged to persist to achieve the tasks at hand, making this a great way to teach important life skills. I would highly recommend this program to any class of students, but especially as a great lead in to aid upper primary students as they transition into High School.’  – Simon Herrmann (Year 6/7 teacher, Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Angaston).


Creative Music Workshops


The EMU Tree, Education and Music in Unison Creative Music Workshops. Primary 2 to 7.
A fun 45 minute workshop devoted to developing confidence, engagement and creative expression.
Students experience and participate in many different activities during this fast paced highly interactive session gaining a sense of achievement, inclusion and new skills.
There are no pre-requisites for this workshop as its flexibility is designed for all levels of ability and interest.
A cleared workspace is required.
The EMU Tree has recently delivered it’s 950th workshop here in SA.
DCSI and RAN certified.
To book or for further information:
Contact Christian Teusner / The EMU Tree: 0408 364 900 or
Maximum of 30 students per workshop.


“Last Friday, Chris Teusner / The EMU Tree conducted four lessons in our school (Parkside Primary). Without exception he energised each group and had the most reluctant students joining in with excitement. He taught a wide range of rhythmic activities each equally engaging. In a circle format every child was involved in every task clapping, chanting, snapping, moving and singing. It appealed to both sexes and no boys hung back. Everybody loved the chant from West Ghana. Its powerful lyrics were echoed with gusto. We were left wanting more. Everybody wants to see Chris again. Above highly recommended! Essential learning.” Chris Fryer Year 4 Teacher Parkside PS 

” This program was engaging for all the students, and teachers that participated, specialising in group work and team participation. The primary school workshops had the added benefit of fostering relationships and creating positive memories”.

Kirsty Hage, Manager, Community and Culture, previously Youth Project Coordinator, Barossa Council.


 Primary Music Technology Workshops –  Multiple 45 minute workshops. 8 students per workshop.

Students collaborate and are introduced to composition through music technology / sampling / loops and some multitrack recording using Garageband software and Logic Pro X software.

Digital copies of all work produced.

A fixed workspace is required.

The school will receive digital copies of the work produced. There maybe some post production required following the workshop.


*Creative Music Technology utilising iPad. – 45 minutes.

This follow up workshop from Creative Music Workshops will focus on students learning to transfer a selection of their class composition files onto their iPads and continue to create additional individual compositions from the original recording sessions utilising the Garageband application on their iPads.

This will require a 45 minute session per class to explore the creative possibilities. Students will further learn the process of digital composition. This workshop is an optional addition to the Primary Music Technology Workshops and can be developed even further with extra workshops if required.


The EMU Tree Secondary Workshops

The EMU Tree can facilitate many options of workshop to suit your requirements for secondary students. Workshops can be tailored for the specific needs of the class and also timetabled to suit different school schedules. Simply contact The EMU Tree to explore the possibilities.

Chris Teusner is a wonderful professional, his enthusiasm for music and it’s delivery to students is remarkable, he brings the best out of everybody who he is working with, achieving more than you can expect“. – Leticia Marfil, Education Advisor, Ajuntament del Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona.


Workshops Available:

Unearth Resilience Workshops.

A popular workshop for year 8 classes – 2 x 100 minute workshops per day focusing on composition and recording and class discussion themed around resilience and anti bullying. Highly successful as an induction workshop for year 8 classes and equally also suitable for older classes.

Students explore the process of songwriting and collaborate to compose an original song learning the skills of musical and lyrical composition, arranging, structuring and dynamics. Each class will receive a copy of their recorded work which will then some weeks later be rehearsed and then performed as a school showcase to help create awareness on the given theme. There is also an opportunity for each class to have its own class band to accompany the group for the performance. Further rehearsal would be required to facilitate class bands.

The workshop also includes various activities designed to engage students and to build confidence in a fun and interactive experience.

Workshops take place in the classroom while a hall or communal area is preferred for the rehearsals prior to performance.

Duration of each class workshop is up to a double period, with a maximum of 2 workshops per day.

Produced works can be performed again at school concerts or open day events.

The EMU Tree provides the required recording and sound production equipment for the performance.

Cost – POA, contact The EMU Tree to discuss your requirements.

“The feedback we have received from our Year 8s, other students, staff and parents has all been extremely positive and led us to book the ‘Unearth’ program again for 2015 and beyond!

Our students and staff are still talking about how beneficial this short program was to our youngest members and how it has assisted them in being able to begin some difficult conversations about how they are feeling and what they may be experiencing both here and outside of school.” Sarah Ruwoldt, Director of Wellbeing, Faith Lutheran College.


Secondary After School Music Development Programmes

The After School Music Development Programme gives students the opportunity to comprehensively develop their skills over multiple weekly 2 hour sessions. Programme duration can range up to 10 weeks in length.

Areas of study include, songwriting and recording, music technology, music production, mixing and mastering, careers in music and also an option of music videos and performance.

Students receive CD copies of all work produced.

Contact The EMU Tree to discuss your requirements.

The EMU Tree FLO Student Workshops.

The EMU Tree can tailor a programme specific to your requirements. Workshops can be facilitated up to 120minutes in length weekly for a period of up to 10 weeks.

The EMU Tree supplies all of the required equipment. Contact The EMU Tree to discuss and explore your requirements.


Mobile Recording

The EMU Tree offers a mobile recording service which is ideal for choirs and school bands. Recording sessions take place on site at your school.

If you have a question, comment, or would just like more information about The EMU Tree workshops we would love to hear from you!

Christian Teusner – Director

The EMU Tree

Education and Music in Unison.

T: 0408 364 900


ABN 20145616531


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